Increase Your Restaurant’s Takeout Sales

Coordinate Marketing Efforts

If your restaurant features takeout items – pizza, Chinese food, sandwiches – you can boost your sales with a consistent marketing program and smart decision-making. Our experienced staff of marketing professionals, print advertising experts, and graphic designers have compiled this helpful resource of cost-effective ways to maximize your business and minimize your costs. The truth is – You can’t afford NOT to advertise.

Print Advertisements That Work

Capitalize on impulse purchases by printing low-cost, four-color newspaper inserts that double as menus. Every day people use takeout flyers and menus and make on-the-spot calls to satisfy their food cravings. Don’t miss out on these countless opportunities to gain customers and retain customers. Be sure to include pricing on the menu to drive purchase decisions—customers don’t want to call for pricing; they want to call in an order. Simplify the customer’s job and create a fun, simple, and relaxing process. Include a menu in the bag or on the box so the customers will always have a copy readily available. Plus it’s a good way to make customers aware of new items or pricing changes. If your full menu is too large, create a smaller version that lists the most popular items. The mini version can also be used as a bag stuffer or box-topper.

Plan Ahead, Build a Future for Your Business

Repetition is the key to building customer recognition and repeat business. A single communication has a limited chance of attracting the sales you’re looking for. Instead, plan a campaign that calls for at least three hits—drop newspaper inserts three months in a row or send mailings three times, and so forth. Plus you’ll save when you purchase printed inserts or menus in bulk. Instead of ordering 10,000 copies every month, order 50,000 and have enough for upcoming months—an easy way to meet marketing goals such as grand opening announcements or building your brand awareness with customers. The savings can be dramatic. Leverage the power of bulk printing and smart advertising!

The Business of Creating Takeout Business
Why Bulk Printing Works

Not only will bulk printing save you money in the long run, it also makes it easy for you to repeatedly remind customers to choose your restaurant—just as the big competitors in your market do. In addition, you may be able to negotiate a better insertion rate with your local newspaper when you can promise repeated insertions.

Track the Results of Your Advertising
Know what works and what doesn’t!

Include a code or a coupon in your newspaper inserts or bag stuffer/box topper. Ask for the code when customers call in orders, so you know which offer (newspaper insert vs. bag stuffer/box topper) works best. Coupons can also be coded to provide insight into what promotion work best.

Coordinate Marketing Efforts

Buying printed pieces in bulk through Taradel drives down costs enough so you can afford high-impact, four-color printing—just like the major players in your market. In fact, Taradel’s pricing is so reasonable you can try other tactics—like postcards tailored to the customers in your delivery or POS database. Taradel can also provide professional design services for a turnkey solution. Regularly reminding customers of your restaurant’s takeout options boosts impulse purchases as well as builds your brand long term. Four-color menus, bag stuffers, and box toppers are very affordable and can be printed quickly to help you increase sales.

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