The Easiest Way to Grow Your Church

Grow your church
If your church desperately needs to increase its numbers each Sunday, then it’s time for you to take action. The best and most proven way of inviting people to attend your church, and learn about your worship services, is to direct mail postcards to local residents.

Simply stated, no other form of marketing puts your message directly into the hands of individuals and families, who may not be aware of, or feel invited to, your church.

A direct mail invitation is a friendly and professional way to communicate, and it also forces the recipient to make a decision, "Would I like to visit this church or not?" If that individual is seeking a new church, or if they are unhappy with their current church, you can earn their support and grow your church quickly.

Why Churches Love Every Door Direct Mail

It is cost-effective:
The non-profit mail rate for Every Door Direct Mail® postcards is unbeatable. And using NPO rates, you can actually invite your whole neighbourhood to your church for as little as 22¢ per home (for large bulk mailings) -- a price that includes full-color printing, mail prep, postage, and delivery. In other words, it's everything you need at amazingly low rates.

Longer shelf-life: Direct mail postcard invitations are rarely thrown out immediately, as most folks like to be invited to events and community-based opportunities. Additionally, the recipients will also share the invitation with their family members or friends to see if they can locate additional attendees. This is a powerful benefit that will provide additional church members.

High Visibility: Junk mails that come in bulk are often thrown away even without being opened and read, but there’s no such problem with post-cards.

Creative Format: Since it’s a postcard, there are endless possibilities for being creative with the design. You can make it attractive with catchy phrases, use powerful images, show actual photos of your church, and make the recipient feel welcomed. Also, beautiful designs or uplifting messages might just find themselves posted to the refrigerator. Get creative and make a positive (and lasting) impression on your local community.

Those are some of the reasons that churches across the nation are mailing millions of EDDM postcard invitations. Don't miss out on a powerful church outreach opportunity. Instead, take action and find local church members today.

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