Ask any disciplined marketing professional and they will tell you that same thing: Reach and frequency are the key to marketing success.

As such, the most efficient way to implement reach and frequency is through an integrated marketing strategy.

Today, businesses and consumers are always connected, 24/7.

Consumers now watch Youtube videos instead of watching commercials on television. They click instead of call. They buy less physical goods and download more digital formats. They research online, they follow trendsetters, and they are influenced tremendously by multiple impressions (frequency) from advertisers.

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"With virtually every successful business adopting this approach, I think we can stop calling it "integrated" -- and just call it marketing. It's the new standard."

Jim Fitzgerald CEO

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Look at any industry and you will find that, in most cases, the successful businesses, products, and services make impressions through vast integrated marketing channels including: direct mail, social media, Youtube, email, mobile apps, websites, television, radio, and more.

Advertisers now realize that "fitting in" with individual consumers, and their lifestyle preferences, is the key to acceptance, sales, and long-term success.

Integration is the future. Captive audiences are the past.