Facebook Display Facebook is a dream come true for advertisers. Billions of consumers use Facebook across the globe, and Facebook has accumulated tremendous data and marketing capabilities. Nearly all of your current customers (and future customers) are on Facebook right now.

Why Facebook Display Ads?

  • Reach new and existing customers
  • Sophisticated demographic targeting
  • Scalability; Find similar prospects to existing customers
  • Run ads to the right audience at the right time
  • Powerful impressions on ideal prospects
  • Watch users "Like" and "Share" your offers

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Reach the Same Prospects Across Multiple Channels

On average is takes 7 to 12 impressions to influence a consumer’s purchasing decision. Use Facebook Display Ads along with other channels – such as direct mail and email marketing – to make more impressions across more channels. Only Taradel makes integrated marketing so easy.

Mobile Advertising, Massive Audience

Your Facebook Display Ads will run mostly on mobile phones. We help you reach on-the-go prospects who live or work nearby. It’s no secret -- people are glued to their smart phones all day long. Now you can be a part of their digital life as they browse the content they love.