Landing Pages Taradel offers comprehensive landing page design and hosting services. We quickly publish responsive and mobile-friendly landing pages that enhance your campaign's message and offer. Capture sales leads, grow your database, and more efficiently track response rates with our landing page services.

Why Taradel Landing Pages?

  • Enhances offline and online marketing campaigns
  • Educates prospects about products and services
  • Converts visitors into actionable sales leads
  • Improves response rate and performance reporting
  • Expertly-designed by professional marketers
  • Seamless integration with EDDM® and other marketing services

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Types of Landing Pages

There are (2) types of landing pages.

  • Click-Through (CT) Landing Pages
  • Lead-Generation (LG) Landing Pages

CT landing pages persuade and direct visitors to another page or resource on your website. The primary goal is to nurture the visitor into becoming a lead once they have an opportunity to review more information about a product or service. This is commonly referred to as "lead warming" or "lead nurturing".

LG landing pages are used to capture user data (ie: name and email address), that will allow the advertiser to connect with and advertise to sales leads at a later time. This type of landing page is the most common, and generally, provides the most value and ROI.

Important Note: Any website page can be converted into a Lead Generation page through the use of "pop-up" offers that capture lead information in exchange for a coupon or value-add (Ebook, sweepstakes entry, webinar registration, gift, etc). Our landing page services include FREE pop-up offers (optional).

Why Use Landing Pages?

Both online and offline marketing campaigns benefit from offer-specific website landing pages. These pages are often linked to from social media, email, direct mail, and search engine marketing campaigns, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements and capture sales lead information. As such, landing pages are a critical component of database growth, profitability, and ultimately the valuation of a business.