Find answers to your questions using the comprehensive FAQ provided below. The information is limited to Email Marketing products and services.

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Our email marketing services enable you to conduct end-to-end campaigns targeted to new prospects in the areas where you are also mailing direct mail pieces. When used in conjunction with direct mail, email marketing has shown to increase response upwards of 50%. Only Taradel empowers you to launch both direct mail and email marketing services -- with one simple order.

Developing an email campaign, creating exciting offers, and setting up a timeline is not as easy as most people think. What should you promote? How should the email look? Will it appear correctly on desktop computers and mobile devices? Let one of our professional marketing experts help you put together your next campaign for maximum results. We provide consultation, design services, and reporting designed for your success.

No. However, smaller-sized campaigns (below 4, 167 prospects) have a minimum service fee of $300.

As noted above, we have a minimum service fee of $300 for all email marketing campaigns. If your email campaign exceeds 4,167 prospects, your price per email drops to a flat rate of only 2.4¢ (cents) each.

Three. With our email program, three identical emails will be sent to valid email addresses, over a scheduled timeframe, to individuals within the routes you have selected for your EDDM® campaign.

Let’s say your campaign has 5,000 email prospects. This number represents the actual number of prospects who will receive your email offer. Now, multiply that quantity by three deployments – and you will send a total of 15,000 emails via the three deployments. In other words, you make (3) separate impressions on each individual prospect.

The first email will be sent the week following your first EDDM® mail drop. If you have additional EDDM® mail drops, the second and third email will be sent the weeks following your second and third EDDM® mail drops. Your order receipt will include the final email deployment schedule.

If you have only one EDDM® mail drop, the second and third email deployments will be sent in consecutive weeks following the first email deployment. Your order receipt will include the final email deployment schedule.

Here are the requirements for each email to get the campaign tested and ready for deployment:

  • Creative – This is the html email design and content (html code format required). You can provide your own, or we can design it for you.
  • Subject Line – This is the subject line the recipient will see (ie: "Black Friday Deals Start Now!").
  • From Line – This is the Company Name or Sender (ie: Taradel, LLC) that will appear to the recipient.
  • Reply To – This is the email address that all recipient replies will deliver to (ie:
  • Deployment Dates / Times – Provide a specific date and time for each email deployment.
  • Suppression File – If you have a customer suppression file or another email file we need to suppress against, please provide it to your Account Manager.
  • Test Seed List – Please list all email addresses and first/last names for those who need to receive an email test prior to actual deployment.

Taradel will provide a performance report after the initial deployment noting delivery volume, opens, clicks, unique opens & clicks, and Unsubscribes. The report is sent 7 days after the initial deployment of each email campaign.

Currently, we have over 100,000,000 (million) opt-in contacts within the database. Typically, we have a 25% to 35% "match rate" of emails to home addresses in any given postal route or ZIP Code within the country. In other words, if you are sending direct mail offers to 10,000 prospects, we can target up to 3,500 of those same prospects with email communications.

No. By utilizing our service, you are effectively renting the email list. We never sell or distribute email addresses to clients. We abide by all email regulations, laws, and compliance standards to ensure accuracy and data privacy. This is non-negotiable.

Our email data is literally in a constant state of updating. The world never stops moving, and neither does our database. In fact, people are opting-in and out, right now.

All email data is tested and pre-validated through our rigorous vetting process. All fictitious and suspect emails are removed. Further, the email addresses in our database are tied to known individuals with names and physical mailing addresses. All email records with corresponding physical addresses are NCOA'ed (National Change of Address) every 60 days to ensure the geographic location is correct. Taking it one step further, our email data is also validated using IP addresses.

All of our data is 100% user opt-in and triple verified. For example, contacts are added to the database through website registrations, online form submissions, newsletter signups, magazine subscriptions, blog subscriptions, purchases, surveys, rewards programs, and vast partnership networks. By law, every user has the ability to opt-in or opt-out at any time through the initial acquisition channel or directly via communications delivered via our system.

All email data is tested and spot-checked randomly on an ongoing basis. We never stop scrubbing our data. Good data delivers better results for our clients, and as such, we take data quality very seriously. Any invalid data, lists, or potential inconsistencies that we uncover, are permanently removed from our database.