3 Direct Mail Ideas for Retailers

By: Chris Barr

Sending direct mail flyers is critical for retail business development and lead generation. Your direct mail flyer or postcard design must be unique and eye-catching in order to stand out from the abundance of mail in your potential customer’s mailbox. This can be accomplished by ensuring that the mailer is well-designed, and written with effective and engaging copy.

The United States Postal Mail Service receives huge amounts of mail each day, with almost 50% being direct mail advertisements. As a retailer, you should create mailers that can stand out from the rest of the pack and jump straight to the eyes of potential consumers. Distinctive and attractive mailers will always generate the best response rates.

Be Different — Stand Out

If you are reading this article, chances are you probably have some vested interest in creating an effective direct mailer. Below, we have compiled a short list of ideas to help your direct mail campaign generate the highest response rate absolutely possible:

· Bold, Simple Headlines:
This is the first point of contact in which your mailer has the opportunity to capture the potential customer’s attention. For best results, try to use action words, state the message clearly and offer an incentive if applicable.

· Use Unique Formats: These include, but are not limited to, paper items, calendars, post-it-notes, or notepads that contain your company’s contact information and branded logo. A common example of this – a popular tool manufacturer (who’s target market is professional mechanics) circulates an annual calendar featuring pictures of scantily clad female models. What does this have to do with tools? Nothing! But it does allow the manufacturer to keep their brand name to be in front of their target customers where they interact with their products, thus, effective advertising.

· Offer an Incentive: Offer something that your potential customers can use, but not your actual product or service. T-shirts, coffee mugs, notepads, hats, etc., all branded with your company logo and information. Take advantage of the free advertising your target market will give ultimately give you by using your promotional gift.

· Use Sealed Mailers: Seal the envelope or mailer to accentuate the special offer or message waiting for the potential customer inside. This can create a sense of exclusivity for the receiving party, which can translate into a higher response when compared to its unsealed counterpart.

Remember KISS (Keep It Super Simple)

Customers want direct and simple messages when interested in a product or service. Design your mailer to be short, concise, and eye-catching. Utilizing simple, attractive color combinations assure that your mail will stand out among the clutter. The real idea is to show a provocative and engaging message that your potential customers can relate to. Also, be sure to include any and all contact information regarding the product and/or service you are offering.

Most importantly, we hope these ideas will spark your inner creativity and help you captivate your target audience through a well-designed direct mail campaign.

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  1. My daughter is a Girl Scout and she is working on a Gold Award project that involves doing pet calendars to sell with profit going to the Animal Shelter. How much would it cost to do the calendars with our girls pet pictures?

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