Direct Mail: Basic Tips for the Average Small Business

By: Chris Barr

Chances are, you have come across the concept of direct mail for your small business advertising needs. Well, this is a type of marketing technique where the marketing messages are sent by the company to the buyer (without other advertisers) via direct mail. When you opt for using direct mail, you do not have to worry about spreading your message or managing the delivery to customers. Unlike other advertising vehicles, direct mail forces the customer to handle your marketing piece and make a decision about your product or services on-the-spot.

Promoting your items

For the average small business, direct mail is a way to deliver special offers, coupons, or promotional messages to a targeted audience. For example, some common mailers feature restaurant dining discounts, free service trials, buy one get one free, and limited time discount offers.

Common Uses of direct mail

Let us have a look at the uses of the direct mail. Obviously, mailers help in exposing your products to a much larger market. It can also be used in order to test new markets for the location of stores. It also helps in preparing prospects for telephone call campaigns.

Types of Direct Mail

Direct mail has many popular forms – catalogs, sales letters, brochures, menus, postcards, flyers, magnets, envelopes, tear off coupons, and much more. No matter the format, mail pieces must always be delivered to the correct audience.

Understand your target

The average small business owner must clearly understand the target market in order to launch an effective marketing campaign. What does your target audience or demographic respond best too? Consider their general likes and dislikes, views,and financial status range to better plan your offer. A good rule of thumb is that the “Customer Benefits” must be made clear and simple. So, in the direct mail piece, you should always try to focus on the benefits of your product or your services. Also, you need to ensure that you keep the offer very simple as well as easy understandable and persuasive at the same time. Another technique is to keep the offer for a limited period of time in order to encourage prospects. Do not forget to include a toll free number so that they can go for ordering it when required. Also the fax numbers, web site, email addresses, etc., should be mentioned clearly.

Remember that the quality of your offer counts, and will directly affect the response rate.

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