Pizza Menus & BIG Sales – How to Sell Sides And Beverages With Every Order!

The BIG Picture
The average customer may only want to order “a pizza,” however, you can turn a simple pizza order into a side, pizza, and drink if you know how! How then, does the restaurant operator entice the customer into ordering a drink or a side item to go along with that one pizza order? It’s easy, just design the takeout menu to do it for you! Your menu (when designed correctly) can literally “force” customers into ordering better value bundles and spending a few more dollars to get a “better deal.”

menu printing with taradelAdd-ons and Special Items
Many pizza restaurants offer additional items that are listed to one side of the menu at “special” or discounted prices. For example, with the purchase of a large pizza with one or more toppings, there may be a side dish or salad that can be purchased for a lower than usual price. Or perhaps free refills may be offered on beverages when a certain size meal is ordered for dine in customers. Often, with the purchase of a pizza, the customer can get a second one at half price. Even if they only wanted one pizza, the deal is too good to pass up, and they can take it home with them. This type of special is especially good for deliveries. Take a look at how the “Big 3” grew to massive proportions using this tactic! Now imagine how your business would benefit by increasing your average tickets from $15 to $20+.

Offering Coupons for Different Days of the Week
Coupons are a great way to tempt the customer to buy additional items. A coupon can be used to purchase a side order at a discounted price on certain days of the week. The customer buys a pizza, for example, and can use a coupon to buy a side salad, or a dish of spaghetti at half price. Most customers love the idea of getting something for half price. Even if they spend more than they intended to, the idea of a half price item makes them feel as if they have saved money, when it actuality, they have spent more.

Making the Specials Stand Out
A pizza menu is nothing special unless it is designed in such a way that the customer spends more money than they originally thought they would. Having a drink with the pizza is a given, but for a little more money, why not get the larger size drink and a free side? Side items listed on the menu have a set price when purchased alone, but it is very tempting to purchase that same item at a reduced price if you order a large pizza along with it. These specials will be outlined and highlighted on the menu so that the customer can see what a bargain they are getting by adding a side item to their order.

pizza menu coupon

Mouth Watering Photos
One of the most effective ways of selling side items and beverages with every pizza order is to use tantalizing photos on the menu. Mouthwatering pictures of appetizers, salads, and ice cold beverages with crystal clear ice cubes often entice the customer to purchase something they would have otherwise not thought of. The trick is to place the photos where they will be a focal point on the menu. You can view examples of highly effective pizza menu printing online or request free samples from your printer.

Let the menu do the upselling for you!
Highlight specials that provide side dishes at discounted prices, use photos of the tastiest side dishes, and don’t forget to use ‘best seller’ stars next to appetizers and deserts to promote your most profitable items. By drawing attention to those ‘extras’ you are trying to promote, the average ticket is increased by several dollars – and those dollars more than pay for the cost of printing those eye-catching menus!

So What Are You Waiting For?
Consider this: Every time you make a sale for “just a pizza” you could be losing money. Do you really want your customers buying appetizers, snacks, or drinks from grocery stores, convenience stores, or competitors? No way! If your pizza menus show that you serve more than pizza (at an amazing value), then you can give your customers incentives to spend more with you on every order.

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