How a Small Pizza Shop Doubled Sales in One Week!

One of our wonderful clients, Delmar, a runs a small family pizzeria in the Midwest. He is known for his commitment to amazing food, and he sells tons of “hand-tossed” pizza for delivery, dine in, and now take & bake.

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Delmar came to us with the idea of mailing his menus and coupons to every household and business within approximately 2 miles of his restaurant.
As a starting point, we emailed him a “store radius map” of the areas around his restaurant for review. Basically, each Zip Code shown on the map was broken down into smaller sections which are numbered – these are the smaller postal routes. All we have to do is hand-pick the areas that he wanted to target and we then generated a count of how many homes, apartments, and businesses were available.

Additionally, Delmar asked to see a few direct mail menu designs that we had completed for other pizza customers (to see the quality of our work). This helped with coupon ideas and we wound up creating irresistible deals as a result. Check out the coupon offers below:

  • FREE breadsticks w/ purchase of any LG or XL Pizza
  • FREE monkey bread w/ purchase of any LG or XL Pizza
  • FREE chicken wings w/ purchase of any LG or XL Pizza
  • FREE cheese sticks w/ purchase of any LG or XL Pizza

As you can see, his goal was to sell pizza …and lots of it!

Delmar sells a basic LRG cheese for over $12.00, so he was willing to eat one or two dollars in food costs to make a new sale and earn a new customer. Plus, most pizza customers order pizza, side items, and beverages. This pushes average ticket size up significantly.

From a customer standpoint, there is no reason to order from anywhere else. Even a $10 chain pizza doesn’t beat the idea of a great tasting pizza + the choice of a free side!

Once our design team finished the new menu layout and selection of beautiful food photographs (see the classic Italian theme shown to the right), we sent the menus to print.

Fast forward a few weeks and the first Menu Mailers hit homes. The rest was history!

The first drop was an amazing success! Sales up 100% in first week.THANKS!”

I’m sharing this with you today because pizza operators often call to say that they enjoy hearing pizza success stories from around the country. Of course, we’d also love to work with you and your restaurant to achieve similar (or better!) results.

As 2011 kicks off, the ball is in your court. Call us today at 1-800-481-1656 to learn more about direct mail. Everything we do, from design to mailing, is optimized to increase sales, ticket size, and response rates. I promise you that it will be with your time and investment.

Dollar for dollar, nobody competes. We care if you are happy, and we care if your menus work.

By Chris Bar, Director of Marketing

P.S. If you want to see a map of your area and get a quote, we’ll send both to you for FREE via email. Call 1-800-481-1656 to check it out or contact us here …this is “must know” stuff for your local area. Thanks again!

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