7 Effective Pizza Restaurant Marketing Tips

A menu has to be more than just a list of your items and prices. In fact, a menu must be a full-blown advertisement designed to increase sales and generate as many phone calls and web orders as possible. They are also very effective tools available to help boost the number of customers that visit you for lunch.

These 7 menu printing tips can help boost sales, find new customers, and keep your existing customers coming back for more. Never underestimate the power of a great takeout menu – it can literally make or break your business!

  1. When designing a menu, there are other things to consider than just the items and prices
  2. Emphasize popular choices and what you are known for
  3. Add pictures. After all, most people eat with their eyes first. By adding pictures, you help the customer visualize what you have to offer
  4. Avoid letting the menu look like a price list. You want your menu to be engaging and easy to read, making your customers look over it in its entirety. Also, avoid using currency symbols and dotted lines
  5. If possible, add some positive feedback or reviews on your menu’s cover
  6. Whether on the cover or in an insert, it is important to include special offers, promotions and discounts. This will help drive sales and make customers want to return.
  7. Organize your menu into groups of similar items. For example, there should be a section for sandwiches, another for salads, and another dedicated to pizzas.

Use your menu as a marketing tool, not just a price list. It also doesn’t hurt to advertise your menus in local newspapers, magazines, or better yet, via direct mail. Try advertising weekly specials or events and see what your customers respond the best to. When it comes to pizza sales – you must sell more often, increase average ticket size, and find new customers!

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