Use of Coupons in Menu Printing Can Increase Restaurant Sales

People often think that simply by sticking coupons on restaurant flyers and menus they can easily increase their food sales. But, in reality, if you don’t know how to use your coupons in the correct manner, your restaurant sales will suffer significantly. To use coupons effectively in your printed takeout menus, you need to keep in mind a few critical factors.

It is crucial to include only the most important and appealing coupon offers in your menus. Make sure that the coupon offers you truly provide potential customers with a reason to “order right now,” otherwise you are simply giving away profit margin. It is also very important that coupons are highlighted properly, easily readable, and promoted on the cover of your menu.

Imagine you are a prospective and you receive a takeout menu in your mailbox along with tons of other bills, offers, and letters. Would you be more likely to look through a menu that boldly states on the cover, “Look Inside for Coupons and HUGE Savings!” or a menu that only states the name and contact information for a restaurant? If you are like most people, you want coupons and money-saving deals.

Customize your coupons in such away, so that they are able to satisfy your customer demographics and appeal to a wide array of individuals, families, business professionals, and parties. Try to appropriately balance your coupon offers between dishes that are extremely popular and those which tend to sell less (but have high margins). It is advisable to offer most of the coupon deals on food items that sell well, because they will help to draw more customers, which in turn will increase your profit levels. You can include a handful of coupon deals on less popular food items, in order to promote their sales if you are confident that they will be successful long-term.

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is that the competition will be watching. This will enable them to also find out which coupon deals are working best and how effective your flyers are in attracting customers. When printing menus, always try to come up with unique coupon offers that will enhance your sales, image, and brand while pulling customers away from competitors. For example, you may be fighting off “$10 Pizza” deals from national chains. Your menu could state, “Don’t Want Junk Food? Try Our Healthy, Freshly-Prepared Food Today!”

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  1. Russ says:

    You can also increase restaurant sales by listing your restaurant online on the popular review sites. It helps people search your food by zip code and find your restaurant. It’s easy, free and profitable. 🙂


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