3 Tips for A Lasting Real Estate Brochure

Brochures can offer many benefits.  Whether you have a realty company or a lawn care service, your use of a brochure will be different but the benefits are very similar.  As an example, in order for realtors to maximize the most out of a brochure, keep in mind three tips when you pull together your brochure design.

Your realty brochure should be informational, versatile, and too good to get rid of.  These three factors will increase your chances of awareness and make it hard for your customers to get rid of your brochure.


A very crucial part of your brochure would be the informational that you provide in it; whether it is house listings or tips on how to buy/sell their house smartly.  You don’t just want to throw information at your customer, you want to present it in a clean and easy to follow format so that your customer is able to capture and easily register it.  The point of any advertising is to drive the customer to you.  If you want to provide great tips on buying or selling a great home, you have to make your customers ultimately come to you for consult.  Your tips may be helpful but you have to make them valuable with your expert touch.


How you present your information should be versatile.  Versatility in the sense that your customer can understand and apply your information.  If your brochure is meant to give your customers the do’s and don’ts of buying or selling a house, you have to provide those valuable tips that will increase their chances of making good buying/selling decisions.  Your brochure needs to be a tool for information and also consult if needed.

Kept for Future Use

Your brochure has to reflect your expertise in the realty industry.  Making it a valuable tool for realty advice, your informational brochure can be kept for use in the future.  The information you provide has to be timeless and educational so that your customer is able to always keep you in mind for future home buying or selling assistance.

Your brochure has to nudge people in your direction and by offering an educational brochure to lead your customers into your office, you will be able build a rapport and ultimately close the deal.

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