Catering for the Holidays

Due to the holiday season being right around the corner, company holiday parties are now starting to be planned.  This is the ideal time for your restaurant or catering company to swoop in and offer your dining services to your local businesses.  Whether you will be catering a holiday lunch or sit down dinner event, how your catering menu is designed and distributed makes a big difference.

The perfect way to attract customers to be captivated by your menu would be to include pictures.  Who doesn’t love to see a preview of something before they order it?  Especially when catering a huge party with a lot of diners, your customer wants to be sure of what they are ordering beforehand.  Even a big corporation wants to save a few bucks so present some coupons with your catering menu for this holiday season and your customer will be more inclined to consider your service.

The distribution of your catering menu can be in conjunction with your delivery menu.  You want to gain their holiday catering business but of course you want to gain them as a loyal customer.  When you distribute your catering menu printed with your deliver/take out menu, you can kill two birds with one stone.  Even after their holiday party is over, your menu can still be used for every day lunch orders.

Just like any menu, your catering menu has to make your customers look at your items and want to place an order.  If you offer a wide variety of catering items, you are casting your services to a wider net which will benefit you in the end because not everyone likes the same types of foods.  Your catering menu has to be able to cater to many different people, since there are so many different people working in business offices, you have to be able to “cater” to them all.

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