Business Cards – Small Yet Impactful

One of the main essentials for any business, especially for contractors, is business cards.  Just imagine going to the super market, waiting in a long line and you strike up a conversation with the person behind you come to find out, they want to remodel their home after the holidays.  Wouldn’t this be the ideal time to introduce yourself as a home improvement specialist and hand them one of your business cards?

Though it’s a small item, business cards a great complement to successful networking.  How you present your business cards is very important.  In the above example, there was a personal connection because you had a chance to interact with the person and learned that they needed help in your industry.  To even further the personal contact, before giving them your card, write in a short note on the back to customize this card just for them.

Though business cards offer a great value to good networking, it shouldn’t be the only thing you’re using to gain new customers.  They are definitely always very handy to keep around though so in the event that you do end up meeting someone who is valuable to you, you can keep in contact with them by having their card and you have theirs.

Every interested point of contact is crucial to expanding a business.  As a contractor, you want to have your name out there as much as possible to gain the most exposure.  But you want to keep in mind that you shouldn’t just hand your business cards out to anyone, you want to be smart about not wasting valuable resources.

The great thing about business cards is that they are a great way to keep in contact so when that customer from the supermarket calls you for your services, then you know you’ve done something right.

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