Medical Practice Flyers

Depending on the way that you distribute your medical practice flyers definitely affects the response you get from it.  Of course every advertising response depends on many factors.  There is never a definite response rate due to the various aspects that are involved in advertising, such as the offer included, the design, when you distribute them, and how you distribute them.  Depending on how they reach your customers, the response you receive back will vary.

As you plan your medical practice advertisement you want to gain the most response out of it as possible.  If you plan to have many flyers printed and keep some at your location, you can gain awareness with it but it will limit your visibility to new patients.  As you leave them at your location, your visibility is low because the only people that will see them will be your patients that come into your office.  So with low visibility, the response rate will be low.

Another way to distribute your flyers is by inserting them in the local newspaper.  This does have its benefits because you can print your flyers in bulk to cut costs.  When you have your flyers inserted, keep in mind that there are many other advertisers as well and there is a possibility that your flyer will get lost in the sea of coupons.  So this method is better than leaving them in your office because you can directly reach your customers but there is a chance that you are mailed with other medical practices.

If you direct mail your post cards to current and prospective patients, you can gain the most visibility and your response rate increases dramatically.  To be able to have your patients receive your flyers in the mail alone, with no other competitors, you can gain the most visibility and thus, your response rate increases.  When you have your flyers directly in your patients hands without them having to go somewhere for it, that makes your advertisement convenient.  The more convenient and accessible that you make your practice while advertising, the more of a response that you will gain back.

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