Increase Orders with Pizza Slice Shaped Magnets

Do you have a pizzeria and are looking for a cost efficient but unique way to constantly remind your customers of your restaurant?  A magnet serves as a constant reminder for a business in customers’ homes but a pizza slice shaped magnet is just that and then some.  Because of its odd shape, it is unique, informative, and more memorable.

The shape and size of the magnet is interesting so it’s definitely less forgetful for your customers.  Even a beautifully designed rectangle magnet will not stand out as much as a pizza slice shaped magnet because of its unique size.  Especially for a pizzeria that serves great pizza, it’s a great business decision to upgrade to the pizza slice magnets because they will definitely stand out to your customers.

Pizza slice magnets keep things interesting.  They are also constantly useful because there’s always something that you customer might want to post on the kitchen fridge and the best way to do that is by using your pizza slice magnet.  Your magnet should have all of your contact and ordering information on it so every time your customer walks by their fridge or opens the door to look for a snack, your magnet will be there and they won’t be able to resist ordering from you.

When there is a constant token of your restaurant in their daily life, your customer is reminded of your great pizza and how much they want to eat at or order from your restaurant.  Magnets have always been a great way to keep a reminder in your customers’ homes but with a uniquely shaped magnet, it’s even easier to remain as a reminder but also it can increase the orders you receive as well.  The more that you differentiate yourself, the easier it is for your customers to remember you!

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