A Fresh Start for Your Spa

How can you make your flyers pop for the New Year?  Because the new year is a time for a fresh start, it is a good time to revamp your advertising for your spa.  Your clients have been working hard all year and they deserve something special as an “end of year” or “new year” special.  And the best way to announce your specials would be to design a brand New Year flyer.

Limited Time Special

In order to get people into your spa or booking appointments for treatments, you have to give them a reason to do it.  Many people work so hard that they forget that they need to spend some time on themselves to re-energize.  So it’s up to you to tell them how much they need to take some time out for themselves.  Your flyer should have a limited time offer so that your client is more inclined to make the appointment before the special offer expires.  When you give them a great reason to call and a reasonable time limit, they’re more likely to take advantage of your offer.

Dazzling Design

It may seem like too much but anything glittery or dazzling will attract your clients’ attention.  Especially if you plan to do a New Year special or end-of-year holiday special, your flyer should be as eye catching as possible.  To gain the most awareness for your specials you want your clients to notice your flyers over your competitors that also want to run holiday specials.  You don’t want to be too flashy but you want to create a buzz worthy flyer that will be beautifully designed and beneficial to your clients.


How you get your customers to know about your specials is also important.  The best thing to do with your flyers is to direct mail them.  And there it goes again, the mention of direct mail.  The reality is that it works, plain and simple.  If it didn’t, businesses wouldn’t be spending thousands of dollars a month to mail their advertisements to their prospective customers.  The return on investment has been truly amazing and the more that your spa takes advantage of this great marketing avenue, the more you will increase your client list.

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