Quick Overview: Mailing Lists and Demographics

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What Is a Mailing List?
A mailing list is simply a database of contacts, prospects, or customers who meet a specific set of criteria. Mailing lists are used to deliver communications to targeted individuals for a multitude of operational and marketing purposes.

By building your own mailing list, you can reach the right prospects using a vast array of geographic, demographic, behavioral, and life stage data. In many cases, a targeted mailing list will generate better response rates than “shotgun” marketing methods, as the recipients are better positioned to use your products or services.

To accurately target consumers, you must make selections from the following sets of data:

This type of data includes: city, state, and ZIP code data. It often includes location-based parameters such as drive-time or radius (in miles) from a specific business location.

This type of data includes: age, income, presence of children, gender, homeowner or renter, and marital status.

The type of data includes: estimated home value, length of residence, credit cards, net worth, and mortgage status.

This type of data includes: arts, beauty, collectibles, cooking, crafts, fashion, health, history, home improvement, magazines, motorcycling, outdoor recreation, outerspace, photography, politics, reading, self-help, sewing, sports, video games, and wine.

This type of information includes: political affiliation, ethnicity, birth month, religion, charity donors, and more.

Once you have compiled the perfect list, the best way to communicate with each prospect is through personalized direct mail. Direct mail provides a one-to-one experience, and communicates to the right audience, with the right offer, at the right time. Further, and perhaps most importantly, it delivers your message directly into the hands’ of each prospective customer, forcing them to interact with your message in a meaningful way.

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