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Personalized Mail

Personalized Mail & Mailing Lists
Think about your current customer base and how you might use existing customer data to improve your new prospect targeting. If your business depends on sales from individuals or households with specific geographic, demographic, or behavioral attributes, it is extremely important to include those parameters when building a new mailing list.

For some businesses, a target audience may fall into a broad group where a single marketing message makes sense for all. However, some businesses have multiple buyer types which require unique messaging to generate the best returns. In this case, it is best to create multiple mailing lists, and multiple creative variations, to most efficiently communicate with each segment of prospects. Ultimately, this approach may drive higher response rates, lead generation, and sales.

In any case, the success of Personalized Mail campaigns is dependent on the pairing of high-quality data with audience-tailored creative. Taradel’s new Personalized Mail campaign builder makes it easy to target the right prospects, using triple-verified data, while providing advertisers with the ability to upload artwork, use free design templates, or purchase professional design services at discounted rates.

As with all marketing, the key to direct mail success is to send the right audience, the right offer, at the right time.

Other Considerations
If your business or organization depends on sales and support from entire neighborhoods (as opposed to targeted individuals), you may want to explore Every Door Direct Mail®. Unlike the hyper-targeted Personalized Mail, EDDM® is a “shotgun” approach to direct mail that delivers to every mailbox — without the need for a mailing list. While this service is not suited for every type of business, those who have mass appeal (pizzerias, dry cleaners, etc) find it to be the easiest and most affordable direct mail option.

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