Best Mailing List Service? User Testers Decide

Personalized MailA team of independent user testers recently completed a “blind” side-by-side comparison of mailing list services. All of the testers were verified members of with no prior affiliation or experience with either test subject.

User Test Demographic:

  • Age: 30-60
  • Income: Any
  • Location: USA
  • Web Expertise: Average
  • Gender: Any

User Test Directives:

  1. Compare Mailing List Services between Taradel and InfoUSA
  2. Create a ZIP Code-based consumer mailing list
  3. Narrow down mailing list using criteria: Age 35-65; Income $75,000 or more; Married; Homeowners only; Households with children; Interested in “Health”
  4. Exit website after successfully building mailing list
  5. Rate Experience: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being best) what overall rating would you give to each website

User Test Results:

  • Taradel: 44/50 (Winner)
  • InfoUSA: 37/50

[Recorded Audio] User Tester Reactions to Taradel’s Mailing List Service:

Chris Barr

Chris is a veteran marketing professional who has helped build and manage campaigns for thousands of small businesses and organizations. Since 2006, he has helped build Taradel from startup to perennial Inc. 5000 company with over 10,000 clients. In his free time, Chris enjoys being a Dad, playing drums, and watching sports.

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