7 Direct Mail Offers that “Got My Money” (Includes Photos)

Direct Mail Marketing

Based on the growing research that direct mail is far more effective than digital media (in driving consumer purchases), advertisers are once again turning to print advertising.

At the same time, consumers are logging off and checking their mailboxes for great deals from local and national advertisers.

As evidenced below, this strategy appears to be working.

Here are 7 Direct Mail Offers that “Got My Money” within the past year.



1. Barnes & Noble

This bookstore continues to delight me. I personally prefer printed books, and although not a voracious reader, I’ve always got one or two books in the works. After receiving a 20% Off coupon via a direct mail piece, I purchased a book titled, The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush by Howard Blum.

pizza_directmail2. Blaze Pizza

A new pizza chain, Blaze Pizza, moved into our neighborhood about a month ago. To welcome new customers and make a good first impression, they sent local residents a postcard with the best offer of all-time. FREE PIZZA! I stuck it on the refrigerator, and two days later I tried and loved it. I’ll be back for sure. Any one who doesn’t redeem an offer for free pizza isn’t human.

christmas_directmail3. Francisco Farms

So this one is near and dear to my heart. As far back as I can remember, my parents took our family to Francisco Farms to pick out our Christmas tree. It was always a special day and it created beautiful memories. Now I’m a father, and I take my family to Francisco Farms to pick out our tree. Each year, they upload their database of customers and send out a simplistic, but effective postcard to each family. Like clockwork, I use it to get a reduced rate on our annual purchase.


4. Target


Target seems to know everything about everybody. They are marketing masters. This year, they sent out postcards to new parents that contained $10 Off coupons for diapers and other necessities. Although I didn’t personally use the offers, my wife used it in-store in combination with another offer she had on their Pinwheel app. I loved the design of this piece because it is so simple. It has a picture of a baby and a Target logo. Without a single word, recipients know exactly what to expect and who it’s from. Sometimes less is more.

macys_directmail5. Macy’s

In 2017, my wife and I have agreed to (finally) renovate our master bathroom. She is so excited because the only tub in our house is located in the kids’ bathroom. I had already planned to get her a cozy bathrobe as part of her Christmas gift, so when Macy’s sent me these coupons, I instantly decided to buy it from them. I appreciate the fact that Macy’s makes their coupons broad-ranging enough so that they can apply to nearly any type of purchase (clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics, accessories, etc).

restoration_directmail6. Restoration Hardware

I had never heard of this company until a seemingly ten pound catalog showed up at our house. I’m not joking, the thing easily weighed ten pounds. Although I am not a fan home decorating or furnishings, my wife loves to shop for this stuff. Catalogs appear to be making a big comeback along with direct mail postcards. (Full disclaimer: I did not make a purchase from this catalog but I’m pretty sure that I know someone who did. The truth is that I’m scared to look at how much she spent.)

wegmans_directmail7. Wegmans

We got a Wegmans! I am a huge fan of this grocery store. They’ve got amazing hot foods, the place is designed incredibly well, the staff is super-friendly, and the food is high-quality and affordable. On a weekly basis, Wegmans send us a big direct mail piece full of coupons for the items we are likely to purchase (based on our shopping history). In our household, I am the designated grocery shopper, so I always make sure to do a good job and save as much as possible. Wegmans does a great job keeping their customers happy — I bet their retention rates are through the roof.

So there you have it.

All of these direct mail pieces, across a broad range of industries and businesses, drove actual sales transactions.

More importantly, it doesn’t matter whether you manage marketing initiatives for a national brand or run a small business. Direct mail provides opportunity for all advertisers.

So, while another email blast or Facebook post probably won’t make a huge splash in terms of growing your business — launching a direct mail campaign just might.

Good luck and happy marketing in 2017 and beyond.


Chris Barr

Chris is a veteran marketing professional who has helped build and manage campaigns for thousands of small businesses and organizations. Since 2006, he has helped build Taradel from startup to perennial Inc. 5000 company with over 10,000 clients. In his free time, Chris enjoys being a Dad, playing drums, and watching sports.

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