[WEBINAR VIDEO] How to Easily Grow Your Business with Highly-Targeted Direct Mail

Recorded Webinar (2017). Learn how anyone can use highly-targeted direct mail campaigns to drive immediate sales growth.

  • Join veteran marketing executives Chris Barr, Wendy Urquhart, and branding expert Trish Gibbs, as they share how anyone can use direct mail advertising to grow sales.
  • Build your own highly-targeted Personalized Mail campaign at https://directmail.taradel.com/PersonalizedMail/Step1-BuildYourList.aspx
  • Original Air Date 01/17/2017
  • 470 Registrants
  • Webinar Handout: Direct Mail Checklist (PDF)
  • Presented by Taradel, LLC.

Webinar Panelists

Wendy Urquhart, VP Business Development, Taradel LLC

  • 20 years strategic account management experience
  • Advises industry leaders on direct mail strategy/technologies
  • Relationships with national brands, associations, and agencies spanning virtually every industry

Trish Gibbs, Former Director of Brand Strategy, Snagajob & Capital One

  • 20 years brand strategy and sales enablement execution
  • Led Capital One’s direct mail acquisition strategy and online + offline NCAA college sports campaigns
  • Her work at Snagajob helped secure $100M investment in 2016

Chris Barr, Director of Marketing, Taradel LLC

  • Since 2006: Helped Taradel from startup to $18M+ on Inc. 5000
  • Established EveryDoorDirectMail.com; Sold 100M mailers
  • Thousands of small business and advertising clients



Chris Barr

Chris is a veteran marketing professional who has helped build and manage campaigns for thousands of small businesses and organizations. Since 2006, he has helped build Taradel from startup to perennial Inc. 5000 company with over 10,000 clients. In his free time, Chris enjoys being a Dad, playing drums, and watching sports.

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