EDDM to Gain Non-Profit Awareness

Every Door Direct Mail is the best and most preferred way to increase awareness for non-profits. This gets their cause directly into homes and businesses in their local area. It is always a good idea to start local first. Beginning your mailing to those closest to your area first will be the best place to start. You want to reach those donors that are local because they will feel more of a personal attachment to your local cause. An interested donor is who you want to reach. But the need to reach the people that don't know about your cause is even greater. You want to introduce your cause to everyone. Any non-profit can gain awareness by using the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Program because it is such a broad marketing tool.

This program lets non-profit organizations reach out to many people at once with a low initial cost. Non-profits can utilize this program and build the awareness in their local area for a particular cause. If you want people to donate, you have to educate them. Your cause and whom you are helping depend on the generosity of others. So the more reason that direct mailing will increase donations. Your goal is to educate people on your cause and to gain awareness to increase donations. The more consistently that you direct mail to reach prospective donors, the more that they will feel a connection and want to help your cause.

EDDM has become the easiest way for non-profits to gain local awareness. Even when your current donors receive your new mailers, they will see how important this cause is to your organization and they will be encouraged to donate even more than usual. Non-profits need to take advantage of any chance to gain donations because it is so tough to gain initial donations but once a first donor can see what their generosity has been used for, you can gain their life long loyalty.

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