Imagine The Possibilities with EDDM

To increase your chances of awareness for your business, what can you do? An Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) Campaign. When you have a general information piece that you want to mail out, this program will be perfect because you can enter every residential and business mailbox in any area that you choose. The EDDM is broad enough that everyone in the US is eligible. So there are unlimited possibilities for you to expand and gain awareness.

To get the best results, you have to consider a few variables to estimate a response rate. There will never be an exact calculation of effectiveness and you can only maximize all that you can control to get the best results.

Typically three impressions will close a sale so this makes it cost efficient for you to bulk print and then stagger your mail drops to the same places multiple times. Or you can choose for than one area and use this mailing campaign as a test to see which areas give you the best responses. With any direct mail, it is definitely all about the testing. You have to mail more than one time to different areas to see what offers and which areas are most profitable.

With a bulk printing and mailing company, this becomes very cost efficient for you. Bulk printing means that you can print tens of thousand of pieces for pennies each and when you combine that with the EDDM program that has a low postage rate, you can imagine how effective you can be with your multiple impressions.

By hitting your target with the same piece a few times, you increase your chances of closing a sale. It takes a few times to encourage customers to close a sale or make a call so your multiple mailings will only reinforce the importance for them to act as soon as possible!

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