Increased Holiday Spending

For retailers that want to get a head start on advertising for the holiday season, a few weeks is plenty of time to roll out an effective direct marketing campaign. The holiday season is always the more expensive time of year. Companies want to advertise special holiday offers and consumers are shopping for gifts, groceries, and decorations. Holiday months, for businesses, are the best times of the year to advertise. Consumers are always shopping for deals early before the holiday months due to how much planning and preparation is required.

As the season comes around the corner, businesses typically use direct mail to advertise to their customers. It makes it easy for their consumer to know the deals that you are offering and it is delivered right to their mailbox so they don't even have to life a finger to price shop. When you mail your valuable discounts directly to your customer and they can see that value in your offer, then you have gained their business. This means that you just one upped your competitors and left them in your advertising dust!

Direct mail benefits both parties involved. Companies can reach customers and customers can compare deals between companies to get the best deal possible! Before the holiday season begins, many people are shopping around for the latest decorations, planning their menus, and preparing their homes for guests. According to Todd Haselton or, holiday spending in the months of November and December have increased 15%. In 2010, the spending in those months was a little over $30 Million but in 2011 it has increased to more than $35 million. No matter the economy, spending for the holiday season will always be a big chunk of consumer spending.

Typically consumers spend 80% of their disposable income in a radius of 5 miles from their home, so local businesses should direct mail to customers that are closest to them to offer their products and services for this holiday season!

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