How to Use Every Door Direct Mail® for Church Outreach

The #1 Problem Facing Most Churches …is the EASIEST to Fix.

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Are you constantly struggling to grow your church, increase awareness, and gain support for your causes? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this struggle.

In fact, most churches list outreach and growth as the most difficult challenge.

The number one reason people do not attend church, is so mind-mindbogglingly simple, that most churches don’t even realize it.

So what is the reason? You have not invited them.

If you want to grow, you must make local residents and prospective members feel welcomed and “at home” with your church. As with any other decision, people factor in the benefits  and risks (ie: not feeling accepted, being the “new” person, etc) when deciding where to attend church. And usually, it is the church that best aligns with their beliefs AND invites them — that earns their support and trust.

So what can you do to increase awareness, grow your church, and run a successful outreach program?

Mail each and every local household a friendly invitation to visit your church using Every Door Direct Mail®.

What is EDDM®?
Every Door Direct Mail® is a service created by the United States Postal Service®. The EDDM® service provides churches with an affordable and surefire way to reach every home in their target neighborhoods (called postal routes), at discounted rates.

How Does It Work?
The service reduces your costs by eliminating the need for mailing lists and expensive services such as labeling, ink-jetting, and data processing. Instead, you simply choose where you want your postcards delivered online, place your order, and you’re done.

From there, your order will be designed, printed, and mailed for you — no hassles, no headaches, and no hidden fees!

Does EDDM® Offer Non-Profit Postage Rates?
Yes! Churches with non-profit status qualify for even deeper postage discounts. For example, an entire mailing campaign with non-profit rates can cost as little as 22¢ per piece — designed, printed, and mailed w/ postage included.

For more information call (888) 297-9605 or visit

Make the smart decision, invite every local resident to your church today.

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