Review of Taradel’s New Mailing List Service, Personalized Mail

Audio Transcript:
The following transcript is from a verified, independent user tester who recently conducted a “blind” review of Taradel’s Personalized Mail platform. The test was conducted by an independent organization who randomly selected a tester with no affiliation to the company.

Well, let’s see.

I think that, really, the easiest pieces to the site, or the pieces that I liked the most, were the process for picking out demographics.

I thought it was straightforward and I really thought it was neat how it visually shows you how many leads you’ll have.

You know, this would excite me if I was a business owner thinking about prospective new clients, because I see a lot of opportunity there.

Another thing would be the options that it gave me for the (design) templates as well.

I like that you get the ability to use your own (artwork), so you can be creative, or you can use the ones that were already made in the site, to maybe save some time.

I like that it gives you a lot of different options there.

Then, I guess the final piece, was back to the demographics.

I just thought that it was pretty in-depth — the amount of demographic information you can use and cycle through.

You can tell a lot of extensive work has gone into building these databases of people.

It’s good to have all of that information at your fingertips.

(On the effectiveness of direct mail offers)

If I get coupons from someone, I’m far more likely to check them out — if it seems like a deal or a more attractive offer.

You might as well at least give them the chance.

Everybody likes a deal so I think that’s always a good idea (to use direct mail).

About Personalized Mail
Personalized Mail is an easy new way to build highly-targeted mailing lists and get amazing results with direct mail marketing.

  • Purchase mailing lists + direct mail services from one place
  • Over 100 geographic, demographic, and lifestyle data selections
  • Triple-verfied, 95% accurate data on 200M consumers/homeowners
  • Printed on thick, 16PT card stock for amazing results
  • Best overall technology, list quality, printing, customer service, and price


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