New Survey: The Top 5 marketing tactics for small businesses in 2022

A new survey of small business advertisers published by Taradel reveals the Top 5 marketing tactics heading into 2022.

A panel of 166 business professionals and advertisers responded to questions about  marketing practices, channel efficacy, and campaign management preferences via an online SurveyMonkey® questionnaire.

Here are the results:

  1. Facebook Ads (74%)
  2. Direct Mail (67%)
  3. Email (66%)
  4. Organic Search / Content (49%)
  5. Paid Search / Google Ads (45%

Interestingly, the survey found that 76% of small businesses now use multi-channel marketing to reach consumers — with most using 3 or more channels.

These results suggest that SMBs are increasingly using data-driven, strategic marketing methods to run ads and track results, with an emphasis on reaching consumers both online (digital ads) and offline (direct mail).


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