Traditional Direct Mail Still Effective

As time flies by, advertising through different marketing medias has increased but there will always be one traditional stand by that still proves to create the best responses. That would be direct mail. Whoever says that advertising has all gone digital has not heard of the new direct mail giant, the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Program. This program started in 2011 and has only continued to soar with increasing response rates and sales generating results!

Businesses that use the EDDM Program to advertise or promote know the benefits of it and they can't get enough! Numerous companies who have dabbled in this direct mailing program in the beginning just to see how it can benefit them have consistently continued doing more mailings due to the results of their first mailing. The more a company uses the EDDM program, the easier it becomes. With multiple mailings, the response rates increase due to the familiarity of the company and their consumer. Studies show that half of consumers would much rather receive direct mail than digital email.

Consumers that plan make big buying decisions are more like to look for coupons in the mail. Everyone is looking for a deal and when you mail a discount directly to your consumers' home or business, the easier you are making their purchase decision. When consumers have a big decision to make, as of this day and age, they are willing to spend some time to look for great deals that will save them money. The more you want your consumers to look into your company's products and services, the more times you have to touch them with EDDM. It makes your company more personal to your consumer and the closer they feel to you, the more comfortable they feel to close a sale with your company.

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