5 Examples of Every Door Direct Mail® Offers that REALLY Work!

"I'm so nervous, I really hope this direct mail campaign works!"EDDM® Offers

The Truth About Most Ads

The truth is, many business owners (and advertisers) have little experience when it comes to split-testing offers, running data analyses, and creating effective ad copy. Instead, many campaigns are built around assumptions, coupons, and price cuts.

In fact, a price cut or discount is a good indicator that the business is unsure of their customers' true needs.

When in doubt, it's easy to assume,  "Hey, everybody wants a cheaper price..." by default.

And sure, discounts can be effective, but they also hit your bottom line. Without substantial order volume, coupons and discounts can make an unsuccessful campaign -- even more costly.

So, what is the difference between a good offer and a bad offer?

Here are 5 Examples of Every Door Direct Mail® Offers that REALLY Work:

Time-Sensitive Offers

The principle of urgency is a best practice when it comes to direct marketing. The goal is to drive immediate action upon delivery of your offer into a prospects' hands. From infomercials, to radio offers, to direct mail and beyond, notice how nearly every offer is time-sensitive in nature.

Scarcity Offers
When supplies are limited, the order volume won't be. People love feeling important and leading the pack. By using scarcity within your offers, you can generate sales from customers who fear inaction will result is a lost deal. You can also use this concept to offer a bonus to the first X number of callers/orders. For example: Call Now, The First 100 Callers Receive FREE Shipping!"

Bonus Offers
When a prospect wants or needs to purchase your services, adding value can increase sales conversions quickly. For example, a company who installs granite countertops may offer a FREE stainless steel sink with a kitchen remodel. It's often the "bonus" offer that acts as the catalyst in transitioning tire-kickers into actual buyers.

Problem-Solving Offers
There are countless problems, inconveniences, and issues that consumers face on a daily basis. By using a problem-solving headline on your offer, you can capture more sales. Problem solving offers can save time, eliminate issues, reduce pain, increase happiness, and offer many other types of benefits. Help your customers get what they really want.

Money-Saving Offers
OK, I know I said that coupons and discounts can hurt your bottom line -- but they can also help it. The key is to offer discounts in the form of value to the customer. For example, if you run a restaurant and breadsticks have a value of $5 value to the consumer, you may want to offer them for FREE with the purchase of a large pizza. Why? Because the breadsticks probably cost #Post#.50 in actual food costs (to  you), but they have a much higher value to the consumer. Saving your customers money does not have to cost you the same amount.

So there you have it, 5 proven examples of Every Door Direct Mail® offers that really work.

Use one or more of these strategies to maximize your return on investment and mail powerful offers.

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