Calculating Response Rates

So how can you calculate a response rate for your Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign? It's simple, you can't. There are no exact response rates for any marketing campaign for any industry. Advertising can be tricky with many variables involved. Even when you are off by just one aspect, it will affect your whole campaign and how much of a response you receive.

The only thing you can do is make the most of what you have the most power over. All the variables controlled by you can all be optimized to increase your chances of a great response. It is methodical and the more that you embrace that, the bigger chance you have to receiving a response. To continue improving and expanding, you have to continuously mail, even if you have to mail the same piece five times to the same locations, you are imprinting on the minds of your prospective customers. The more imprints, the more likely you will receive a call, a visit, or close a sale.

Continuously mailing and reaching out to your prospective or current customers will also increase your response rate. It does take some time and as you continue to mail, you will notice the difference. To increase your awareness in the community you want to appeal to the majority of the residents. As your pieces hit the same areas a few times, it forces your customers to look at your piece and your persistence will pay off in closed sales.

If you want your response rate to increase, you have to know what appeals to your customers the most. And the only way you can know that is to use your first few mailers as tests. When you experiment to see what areas are profitable, what offers are being redeemed, and which mailer design is most effective, you can tweak your future mailers to optimize your response rate.

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