Every Door Direct Mail Templates for Restaurants

Interested in postcard marketing for your new or existing restaurant, but unsure where to start? If so, you’re not alone. Creating a standout postcard can be timely, expensive, and challenging. After all, you operate a restaurant, not a graphic design agency. So, how do you create a beautiful, informative postcard that won’t break the bank? The answer is simple – Taradel’s Every Door Direct Mail Templates.

Taradel’s new online postcard design tool has changed the game for postcard marketing by providing customers with FREE & exclusive postcard templates. These templates are created by design professionals, guaranteed to meet the USPS requirements, and print with optimal, high-resolution results. Additionally, for businesses working with agencies, or those who have in-house design talent, we have free design spec templates available in order to provide graphic designers with the correct formatting requirements for printing / USPS delivery. 

With Taradel’s new online template design tool, you no longer need to spend tedious, frustrating hours grinding away on postcard designs OR spend hundreds of dollars paying a graphic designer to do it for you. Now, you can get the best of both worlds – free, modern, and performance-driven postcard templates that’ll take you only a few minutes of your time to customize. 

So, why are these templates especially great for restaurants? Because Taradel’s has custom designed a variety of templates specifically tailored for the restaurant industry in particular. Our design professionals have carefully designed each and every template to stand out to local consumers. You no longer have to worry about what color scheme is best, where your coupon/promo offer will go, or what headline will stand out the best – we have already figured that out for you! 

Now, you may be wondering, can a free template really be this easy and effective? So, in order to show you that it really isn’t too good to be true, let us walk you through the process of choosing and customizing a Taradel EDDM template for your restaurant.

First, after selecting your desired postcard size on the design tool, you’ll be able to search through a variety of template designs. To find the ones already specifically tailored to your industry, simply type in “restaurant” or “food” and you'll be able to see all the pre-designed templates we have for you. Looking to show off a new menu item? We have a pre-made template for that. Want to send out a coupon for a free or discounted entree? We got one for that too. Having templates already designed for your industry needs completely takes out the stress of designing your postcard. 

After you’ve selected your desired template, you will then be able to customize it. Here you will add all your specific information which could include your restaurant's name, a picture of a standout menu item, a QR code to view your menu, and location/contact info. To edit the template, simply click on the area you would like to change and you’ll be able to edit the text, images, etc. It really is that easy!

After customization, your postcard is completely finished and ready to be delivered. As you can see, it really only takes a couple minutes of your time for you to have a standout, professionally designed postcard tailored to your industry – for FREE! 

So, if you're ready to start designing the quickest and easiest direct mail campaign for your restaurant, look no further than Taradel’s new EDDM postcard template design tool. 

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