Every Door Direct Mail™ Postcards for Dentists

All industries can benefit from doing direct mailing. It is still, by far, the most effective form of marketing. An advertisement that will be directly sent from company to customer will, typically, be successful. When a company decides they want to roll out an Every Door Direct Mail™ campaign their main concerns are where to send, the initial investment, and the design of the mailer.

If a dental practice is looking to send out a mailer, the design has to be appealing and family friendly. Children do not like to go to the dentist. They are more hesitant about oral care then their parents. If a dentist wants to appeal to children, their mailer should be colorful and family oriented. If a dentist can appeal to children, their parents will be the ones driving them to the appointment and while waiting, they might be encouraged to make appointments for themselves.

Dental practices have to be able to market themselves as child friendly, safe, and affordable. With children, the chances that they jump for joy when it's time for the dentist is unlikely, so appealing to them will be tough. The point is to break the stigma of a dental visit. Typically when small children hear the word "dentist", it seems like the first image that pops in their minds is thunder, lightning, and a cackling madman with a drill. To stray away from this stigma, the design or template of your Every Door Direct Mail™ piece must reflect a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

When choosing a template or design for a dental practice, it is critical to keep the children in mind and the parents satisfied. You aim for the children's approval with vivid colors and for the parents with a great offer. As long as the children are happy and healthy, the parents are content. Also, when attracting the children, you want to convert the parents to patients as well. Parents are busy these days and it is ideal when they can find a great one stop practice for all their dental needs for every family member to save time and money. Attraction to the parents is the first step which leads to appointments and lifelong patients!

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