How long does it take for Every Door Direct Mail to deliver?

It usually takes about 1-2 weeks for your EDDM postcards to deliver into mailboxes from the time you place your order. 

Here's why.

Once you submit you order, several things have to happen before the USPS can begin delivering your mail.
First, you have to review your postcard or flyer design and approve it for mailing (this is super important). Next, your order must be printed and prepped for mailing to meet all USPS requirements. Generally, the printing and mail prep takes about one week to complete. There's a ton of paperwork and documentation involved in making sure that your mail delivers to the correct mailboxes (but don't worry, if you order at, all of this is done for you automatically). Finally, the letter carrier has to receive and deliver your mail to the mailboxes you targeted.

Keep in mind that two weeks is just an average. If you have print-ready artwork files at the time you order, your turnaround time will likely be faster.

Remember: Planning is the key to success in all marketing efforts. You should never be "rushed" to get a campaign launched. Plan ahead and you will easily meet deadlines and your campaigns will be better positioned for success.
Create your EDDM campaign online and you'll be able to see available delivery windows. You can choose to mail asap or schedule your campaign to deliver at a future date. It's quite easy!
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