5 Tips for Direct Mailing Restaurant Menus and Flyers

Menu printing is an essential part of your restaurant marketing strategy, but it does not end there. No advertising campaign is effective unless it reaches the consumer via a reliable delivery method. This is where menu direct mailing comes in. Follow these quick and easy tips for direct mailing restaurant menus and flyers to ensure your menu direct mail strategy runs smoothly and effectively.

1. Make sure you know exactly which customers are in your delivery zone. Deliver menus directly to all customers in your delivery zone and don’t give any out to people who are not. Before you set out to direct mail any menus make sure you know exactly which houses you are mailing the menu to. This will make sure you get all potential customers as well as not wasting flyers and time delivering to people outside the delivery area.

2. Get to know which houses are family homes and which are self contained flats or student accommodations. This ensures you can provide enough leaflets per household to ensure all customers get a copy. Only providing one pizza menu per door for everyone will mean some people who share homes with other students will be without a menu and will not consider your restaurant when they come to making and order.

3. Make sure your menu direct mail is completed on a regular basis. Customers will often misplace menus, damage them beyond use or accidentally bin them. Make sure they have a fresh new menu to hand by regularly direct mailing them. You should also remember to send out a new copy of your menu every time it is changed.

4. Ensure the customer has plenty of menus by providing one with every order they make as well and delivering the menu at the same time as their food. Customers are more likely to need a new one when they order and if they enjoy their order of food they can pass on the menu to friends and family to recommend your restaurant.

5. If you deliver menus to one side of the street, ensure you deliver to the opposite side as well. Delivering to one side of a street may be because it falls within the delivery zone but it’s no extra petrol or time to make a delivery to the opposite side of the street. You can also easily deliver menus to the opposite side of the street with no extra hassle. This will increase your target customers and potentially increase your business growth with no extra expenditure.

Follow these 5 tips for direct mailing restaurant menus and flyers and you will ensure you get the best exposure to potential customers and the most effective distribution method to ensure your business growth and customer retention. You should also remember that without an effective flyer design your distribution method cannot be fully effective as well as without the right distribution a flyer design cannot be fully effective. These two aspects of your advertising depend on each other to succeed.

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