Taradel Launches New and Improved Every Door Direct Mail Website

Taradel LLC today unveiled Taradel.com/EDDM, a new website that revolutionizes the way direct mail marketing campaigns are created, managed and launched. The site is powered by a proprietary “point and click” mapping tool, dubbed U-Select, that enables any advertiser to launch a turnkey Every Door Direct Mail™ campaign in ten minutes or less. EDDM | Every Door Direct Mail

According to the new website, advertisers from any industry can create and launch a turnkey direct mail campaign online in 4 easy steps: Target, Design, Print and Mail.

“Our CEO, Jim Fitzgerald, gave our development team the green light to create “the best direct mail site on the web,” says Chris Barr, director of marketing at Taradel. “For the last five years, small business owners have been calling us, totally confused about direct mail processes. Now, combined with the successful USPS EDDM™ program, any advertiser can navigate the direct mail process in less than ten minutes online.”

With unparalleled EDDM™ experience, small business owners are flocking to Taradel to launch their own targeted mail campaigns at affordable rates. In a recent video testimonial posted to YouTube.com, small business owner Tom Nuscis (Pappy's Pizza, NJ) summed up his remarkable EDDM™ experience using his smart phone video camera.

"Everybody that receives our mail takes a look at them. To date, our sales are up forty-seven percent compared to last year. We're now into our sixth mailing campaign, “ Nuscis says.

Taradel's success is largely a result of Fitzgerald's innovative approach to print advertising. By developing the first point-and-click online targeting tool, the entrepreneur skyrocketed Taradel to industry-leader status.

With U-Select, advertisers and business owners can easily target postal routes with one mouse click. Combined with easy online print options, and thousands of free design templates, Taradel has empowered millions of advertisers to launch direct mail campaigns.

The launch represents the first comprehensive integration of traditional direct mail advertising processes, with powerful, web-based tools.



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