How to find new customers near your small business

One of the great things about technology is that it helps level the playing field for small business owners who must compete with national brands and retailers.

Without a multi-million dollar marketing budget, it's super-important for SMBs to invest in data-driven, targeted marketing for new customer acquisition.

That's where Taradel's new Mapfire app (an easy way to target households with postcards and digital marketing) comes into play.


Mapfire is as easy as it gets. The app asks users a few questions about their location, budget, and target demographic — and then "heatmaps" the local market to show areas with the highest potential of new customers.

This is a game-changer!

In the past, local advertising campaigns were often "reactive" (short on data and long on hopes and dreams) based on cash flow needs, competition, or other variables. But with Mapfire's next-gen data layering technology, advertisers can make smarter decisions based on actual consumer and local-level data. 

The result? Small business owners can reach likely-customers across the most-effective marketing channels like direct mail, Facebook, and Google. 

You can try Mapfire for free without creating an account.


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