Postcards help organizations hire more bus, truck drivers

Are you struggling to find and hire bus drivers? Truck drivers? As we cross the mid-point of 2022, the transportation industry faces complex, and in some ways, unprecedented challenges finding, hiring, and retaining qualified drivers.  It's estimated that 80,000 truck drivers are needed, right now.

If your organization is dealing with similar challenges, you are not alone. The shortage of transportation drivers is affecting nearly all communities and business sectors as supply chain disruptions, economic issues, inflation fears, and pandemic-related issues converge.

So the question of the moment is: "How can we hire drivers and get to work?"

The answer may be as simple as postcard marketing.

That's right, marketing postcards cut through the digital noise, where competition is most fierce, to reach candidates directly.

Laura Bowyer, Executive Assistant at Hilite International, a manufacturer and supplier of automotive parts located in Minnesota, says direct mail is playing a critical role in their new hire marketing campaigns. 

"The postcards are reaching more homes and getting in front of more applicants,“ Laura told us. “I absolutely love that we’re able to pick the different zip codes that we want.”

Because postcard marketing is highly targeted and faces much less competition compared to digital marketing tactics, your message will have a great chance of not only being seen, but being seen by the right people.

But how do you go about creating a standout postcard that will catch drivers' eyes? Below are five “must-haves” to include on your "Now Hiring" postcards.

  1. “Now Hiring” headline
    For the headline, get straight to the point. Using “Now Hiring” (or something similar) in a bold font or color immediately lets the viewer know what the postcard is for. Your objective is to hire drivers, so make that clear right off the bat.

  2. Clear image
    The image you use for the front of the card should work alongside the “Now Hiring” headline. Choose a picture that clearly shows what kind of job you are looking to hire. If you are trying to recruit bus drivers, then an eye-catching image of a bright yellow school bus would be perfect for the front of your card. It is also great to choose a picture that highlights a perk of the job such as working with local community members or children.

  3. Pay rates
    When using a postcard to hire new employees, it is important to emphasize pay rates. Due to the shortage, pay rates for transportation drivers have significantly increased so it is critical you emphasize this to your new, potential employee. A part-time bus driving career may not have been of interest to someone a year ago, but with the dramatic pay increase, it could now be the perfect fit.

  4. Description & perks
    Beyond just emphasizing the pay rate of the job, it is also important to include a brief description, requirements, and benefits of the job as well. Tell the viewer about what your company is about and how it could positively fit into their life.

  5. Contact information
    Important! Don’t forget to include your contact information. It is critical you include your number, address, and website so those who are interested can reach out. Additionally, be sure to include how to apply on the postcard. 

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