Why Every Door Direct Mail Makes Sense for Small Business

By: Chris Barr

An effective marketing strategy is the basic requirement for small business owners who want to grow, scale, and develop new revenue streams. But effective marketing is usually easier said than done. In reality, marketing strategies become a major concern for small business owners as they have limited resources and capped budgets.

The good news? An effective and results-driving marketing platform was introduced several years back – it’s now known as Every Door Direct Mail. This marketing strategy has proved to be beneficial for small businesses, national chains, and organizations located across the U.S.

Here is a brief overview of the immediate benefits EDDM provides:


The best thing about EDDM is that it offers one of the cheapest ways to reach the potential customers. The mapping technology (you can target prospective customersEvery Door Direct Mailonline) is offered for free, and the users are only required to bear the production expenses and the fees of sending the mail via the USPS (postage). On an average, the total cost of a single mailer is about $0.30 each, designed, printed, prepped, and delivered. This is really cheap in comparison to labeling pieces with mailing lists, using stamps, etc.

Easy to use

Using Every Door Direct Mail service is very simple. You have to do 3 things (and you do them all online): 1) choose a design option 2) target local prospects and 3) place an order online. It’s that easy. Once you submit your online order for EDDM services, the entire process is managed and delivered for you with absolutely no hassles or headaches.

It really works (Fast!)

Business owners love direct mail for good reason  — when the mail offers deliver to homes, the response is almost immediate. People sort through the mail and make decisions quickly. If the offer is compelling, fills a need, or creates a sense of urgency, prospective customers will convert into paying clients literally overnight. The business organizations can easily track their success by counting redeemed coupons, using online promotional codes, or call-tracking phone numbers features on the mail pieces. It is an outstanding way to enhance sales and there are plenty of success stories out there from small business owners who have generate tens of thousands of dollars from one mail campaign.

Small business organizations work on a tight budget and require a marketing strategy that can provide outstanding results with minimal investments. Every Door Direct Mail is the best solution for such businesses as it provides a cost-effective way of reaching the prospects without spending a huge amount. In addition to this, you also have the freedom to promote your business in your preferred locations, on your schedule, and at a level that makes financial sense for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Try Every Door Direct Mail and take your business to the next level.

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